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        “Honest” business, “Quality” product, “Reliable” service, is our persistent operation principle. Reasonable profit is the basis of our company’s development...

        If the buyer has a real sample and request us to manufacture according to the sample, please send the sample to us for test. We will quote and manufacture accordingly...

        Zhongshan ZhiCheng Adhesive Product Co.,Ltd is located in XiaoLan Town, ZhongShan City, GuangDong Province, China, close to HongKong、GuangZhou and ShenZhen. Our company mainly engages in the production and sales of BOPP packing tape, and other related adhesive product. The initial sales scope of our company is in XiaoLan Town and the other towns nearby. Now step by step we sell our product to all over China and foreign countries. Honest, is the basis of our business. Our motto is: we promise the length error scope of our packing tape is within 1 meter. Quality, is the reason why our company can survive. We always insist on using quality raw material(with Environmental Protection Certificate CTI REPORT) on production. Reliable, is our service promise to our customers. We manufacture carefully in order to satisfy the customers’ requirements, such as the date of delivery. Our company focus on “Honest、Quality、Reliable”, at the same time, we try our best to control and lower the production cost, so that we can provide quality products to our customers at modest price.

        *Congratulations: Our company join in the Lighting Industry Association of ZhongShan City in July, 2015. And provide related products to the Association.

        *Congratulations: Our company join in the Chamber of Commerce of XiaoLan Town in November, 2015.


        Zhongshan ZhiCheng 
        Adhesive Product Co.,Ltd.

        Contact: Mr.Cen Tim

        Mobile: 13925320613


        Fax: +86-760-89829960

        QQ: 2643446292

        SKYPE: centim@outlook.com

        Email Add: sales@dragon-trust.cn

        Web Site: www.cx-jypx.com

        Address: No7 BaiFu Road, LieXiYi District, 
        XiaoLan Town, ZhongShan City, 
        GuangDong Province, China

        Post Code: 528415